How can Laura help you, as your Therapist?


Personal Dilemma Personal Growth
Feeling depressed for an extensive period of time Desiring to be happy.
Feeling drained emotionally most days Desiring the feel energetic
Feeling sad and numb without any explanation Desiring to feel and alive
Feeling that anger is consuming you Desiring peacefulness
Feeling the need to be isolated Desiring connection
Feeling irritable and getting frustrated easily. Desire to be easygoing
Feeling intense and rigid all the time. Desire to be spontaneous
Feeling reactive to small stuff Desire to be calm and responsive
Feeling a physical and emotional lack of energy most days. Desiring the feeling of being alive
Feeling anxious and out of control most days Desiring calmness
Feeling unmotivated in life Desiring motivation
Losing interest in most things that you used to enjoy doing Desiring the feeling of liveliness
Feeling traumatized by past experiences. Desiring to be healed from trauma
Feeling trapped in your current situation or relationship Desiring clarity in your situation or relationship to be unstuck
Feeling stuck in the same pattern, over and over Desire to be inspired and move on
Feeling disconnected within yourself Desire to be connected
Feeling disconnected with your significant other Desiring to be connected physically and emotionally with your significant other
Losing interest in your relationship or marriage Desire to be interested and engaged in your relationship or marriage
Feeling lost in your passion, relationship, or marriage Desire to be passionate in your relationship or marriage
Lacking intimacy in your relationship or marriage Desiring closeness and intimacy in your relationship or marriage
Feeling unhealthy in your relationship Desiring building a healthy relationship
Feeling betrayed in your relationship Desire to build trust in your relationship


If you are ready for the Therapy process:


Step 1: Practicing Emotional Awareness

The first step in the therapy process is to help clients become aware of their emotions. Recognizing the pattern and the correlation between emotional trigger(s) and behaviors will bring clarity and calmness in your life.

Do you react or respond to your emotional trigger? Many people have been hurt, damaged, and traumatized from their past experiences in different relationships, especially from individual’s family of origin.  Their emotional growth has been held back. Suffering from depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, low confidence, and feeling unworthy are very common. By identifying and connecting the trigger and the meaning behind it, we are then able to take responsibility to choose how to respond to a situation instead of reacting. An emotionally healthy person would respond instead of react to a situation. As a result, you will be able to manage your emotions instead of being controlled by your emotions. This is the practice for achieving emotional maturity.

Step 2: Restoring Your Healthy True Self

This stage of therapy is to help you recognize the pain, hurt, fears, disappointment, distorted thinking, and damage that was caused from your past relationships, experiences, or family of origin at a deeper level. I believe people are born with their Healthy True Self but it has been distorted throughout the growing up process. Learning and practicing listening, respecting, and responding to your true self is crucial. Let go of what has been causing you to be stuck and shut down emotionally. Let the healing process begin.

Step 3: Reconnecting Your Healthy True Self

After going through the process of restoring your Healthy True Self,it’s time to reconnect and learn new skills and strategies which will validate and strengthen your Healthy True Self.The healthy you will become secure and confident from the inside out. You are now ready to build healthy relationships with your friends, family, and community.

The real power that emotional health and maturity unlocks is our ability to choose:How we respond to situations—this is the gift that I offer to my clients.

If you are ready for the therapy process, welcome to email me at or call via phone at 206-992-6597.