How can Laura help you, as your Relationship Coach?


Personal Dilemma Personal & Relational Growth
Feeling intimidated by dating Desiring courage and confident in dating.
Feeling tired of having short-lived relationship Desiring committed relationship
Feeling alone in the relationship Desiring emotional connection
Feeling tired of being disengaged. Desiring healthy connection
Feeling tired of emotionally disconnected Desiring emoitonal closeness
Suffering from your break-up Desiring recover and move on healthily
Feeling lost in your life. Desiring direction in life
Feeling not good enough Desiring confident from inside out
Feeling you are just existing Desiring feeling alive
Feeling tired of seeking approval Desiring to be authentic
Feeling tired of being pessimistic Desiring to be optimistic
Feeling overwhelmed by connecting with another person and or a group Desiring healthy relational connection


If you are ready for the Relationship Coaching process:


Step 1: Initial Consultation

You are welcome to schedule your free initial 30 minutes Zoom consultation: email laura@lauratsang.comor call 206-992-6597 to determine if I can support you achieving the future you want and deserve.

Step 2: Assessment Package

A comprehensive assessment is crucial to the success of your coaching experience. The assessment includes two parts: Part 1: IEQ 9 Enneagram Assessment. Part 2: Intake Questionnaire.

Part 1: IEQ 9 Enneagram Assessment

I am an IEQ 9 Integrative Enneagram Accredited Practitioner ( I will invite each of my clients to complete an IEQ 9 Enneagram ( assessment. After the assessment is completed, we will be provided with an extensive understanding of your personality type and the impact on your life. Two hours of professional interpretation will be included.

Part 2: Intake Questionnaire

The purpose of the Intake Questionnaire is to provide an overall understanding of your history, background, experiences, skills, strengths, weakness, and goals. This is an opportunity for you to reflect on what you really want to achieve in the coaching process. This is a very valuable step to set you up for success in our work.

If you are ready for your coaching process, welcome to email me at or call via phone at 206-992-6597.