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At the center of my practice is the belief that the search for eternal joy is a lifelong journey. My job as your therapist is to shepherd you on this path towards happiness and inner peace.

Laura Tsang


My approach to therapy emphasizes Emotional Health and Maturity—which means gaining control of our emotions instead of letting our emotions control us.

Through our therapy sessions, my clients also gain security and confidence—which is necessary for any emotional health or maturity. Eventually, the client will discover true happiness and calmness. 

The first step in my approach is to help clients become aware of their emotional triggers.

This awareness segues into an understanding of the emotional response to these triggers, which creates an unhealthy emotional cycle. This unhealthy cycle is called “reactiveness,” and is full of feelings like fear, hurt, pain, shame, guilt, and negativity—this is emotional immaturity.  These negative emotions are the products of many damaging judgments from the past experiences in different relationships, especially from “family of origin”. Many of us were traumatized and our emotional growth is being held back.  Suffering from depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, low confidence, and feeling unworthy are very common.

By identifying and connecting the trigger and the meaning behind it, we are then able to take responsibility to choose how to respond to a situation instead of reacting. An emotionally healthy person Responds instead of Reacts to a situation.   As a result, we become in control of our emotions instead of our emotions controlling us.

The real power that Emotional Health and Maturity unlocks is “Our Ability to Choose” how we respond to situations—this is the gift that I offer to my clients.

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Laura Tsang


Laura Tsang is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Through her 16 years of counseling she has helped hundreds of couples, families, and individuals rekindle the joy they once had in their life.

Her approach to therapy allows clients to experience unique moments of calmness and serenity. In her sessions, the individuals will learn a series of emotional techniques and tools to center themselves in their day to day life. After visiting Laura Tsang, the tools you learn are yours forever—she offers the expertise to sharpen these tools.

If your emotional self could use some TLC or if you are in dire straits, please consider letting Laura guide your spiritual center back to the peacefulness and calm of a safe harbor.

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